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The "X" and "Y"

The Results (Y)

The Results (Y) in the Happy Life Project will encompass your wildest expectations or dreams that you ever dreamed of achieving in this life.

The Actions (X)

You must dare to Dream Big and work towards realising those goals you set for yourself. This is what you can expect to reach along the journey. That is why we need actions to achieve the goal.

Remember there is no "correct" and "right", there is no good or bad, there is no true or false. This is about your dream, and you are the person to make the dream become a reality.

Everything in this world comes from "dream", something in "the mind", the power of mind. "Min has the creative power" that can make those dreams become reality, impossible become possible, invisible becomes visible.

Besides these dreams, 3 times a year, Free International reward trip for achieving ranks determined by the company.

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